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  1. Kirsty Sinfield says:

    I love this product! My big tip for those who have bigger pores is to dab POREfessional on AFTER you apply foundation and blend with a brush for a flawless pore free finish! If you don’t have this product, run to your nearest Benefit counter NOW it is a MUST HAVE! 🙂

  2. Laura Moreton says:

    I mixed this in my hand with girl meets pearl and put it all over. gave great texture and the combination really pearked up and skin!

  3. Cin says:

    I’ve grown up wearing glasses about 16 hours a day so the bridge of my nose has really big pores and doesn’t ‘match’ the rest of my face, which is in relatively good condition (compared, anyway!). Since I’ve started to wear contact lenses I’ve been really conscious of that part of my skin but the porefessional does a really good job of smoothing everything over. Oh and great texture as well.

  4. Jill Blair says:

    I had a makeup lesson with Benefit last week as there were lots of products I wanted to try. Absolutely loved the feeling of my skin with the Porefessional. It’s on my wish list!!

  5. Becca says:

    After trying this on at one of the Benefit counters I was really amazed at how smooth it made my skin feel and look. This is great when teamed with either Hello flawless or you rebel lite, all I need is a bit of Boi-ing, bad gal plum and some lip gloss and I’m good to go. x

  6. Erin says:

    I absolutely adore this! It goes on my skin so easily and feels like silk – it practically disappears but my skin feels soft and ‘Some Kinda Gorgeous’ goes over so easily and stays on! xx

  7. Sharon Parsons says:

    I love this product!!!
    Originally I was quite sceptical, and put off buying it for a while, but became converted after the first use. It helps my make up stay on longer, gives a fab finish, and as an extra bonus, appears to be clearing up my break outs too!!!

  8. Laura Moreton says:

    Not only does this give me the smoothest of smooth faces (worth it alone for that) BUT i keeps my makeup on all day. Ive treid loads of primers that make my skin feel like silk, but a few hours later it looks as it im not wearing much.

    This is the only primer that has the double action of smoothness AND stay-put power. A Great Buy!

  9. karen daltry says:

    iv only been using this for around 4 weeks and im not afraid to admit that it took time to get used to,,,,,BUT,,, it works,my pore’s are reduced after application and it feels fresh and silky,well worth persevering with

  10. sam messer says:

    I love porefessional. I have suffered badly with acne and oily skin and this helps sooo much .

  11. Leah says:

    This is awesome, it really works! I use after That Gal, before You Rebel Lite and finish with Hello Flawless in Me, Vain. High Beam and Bad Gal Lash, Life on the A-List gloss and good to go!!

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