Girl Meets Pearl

Girl Meets Pearl


This soft golden-pink liquid pearl glides on for a breathtakingly luminous complexion. Twist up & pat on over makeup or wear alone for a dewy luxurious lit-from-within glow. It’s pure pearly pleasure!

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  1. Claire says:

    amazing product, wish the tube was bigger but still LOVE it.. gives you an amazing iridescence top your skin, you dont really need any other make up

  2. Kirsty Sinfield says:

    OMG! I just brought ‘Girl meets pearl’, it’s been on my wishlist forever and WOW! My face is luminous, I’m not vain but I can’t stop looking in the mirror now 🙂 It is truly worth the money. Go buy it gals!!!

  3. Patricia says:

    Benefit is the only make up I ever use. I can’t wear to try this. Gonna get some for my hols.

  4. Lauryn says:

    I love this and it smells great. I wear both with and without makeup, particularly when I’m going out for the evening. The only problem is that I find it quite time consuming to put on.

  5. Claire Dallison-Hawkins says:

    Loving it!!

    Day or night you add a nice bit of Glam! Was told today that I looked glamorous! Lovely compliment and gave me a nice big head! Wasnt just this that had on BTW bit of flawless, bella bamba, bad gal lash….

  6. Cin says:

    I’ve tested this at the counter last weekend and was really impressed. Have never been good at keeping up with any kind of ‘exfoliation regime’ so found this gave my dull skin a quick Spring boost with absolutely no effort at all!

  7. Laura Moreton says:

    im off work at the moment so am not really wearing much makeup but if im nipping to the shop i slap this on all over and it really perks my skin up.

  8. Fiona says:

    I tried this in store recently and I absolutely loved it! It’s top of my wish list at the minute! It felt so soothing when the girl applied it to my skin and it smells so good too. I really loved the soft shimmery finish and it also wrks very well as a primer underneath tinted moisturiser or whatever. Totally gorgeous!

  9. Laura Moreton says:

    im becoming addicted, mies nearly all gone as im wearing it all day everyday now. who needs sleep when you can just use this 🙂

  10. Claire Dallison-Hawkins says:


    Had this put on in store today and it is absolutely FANTASTIC…

    Nice shimmer on own and under foundation (Hello Flawless).


  11. Laura Moreton says:

    I wore this to every party this Christmas and New Year. its on my birthday wish list, hopefully i can last til April 🙂

  12. Imogen Callaway says:

    I had this put on me at a benefit counter, and omg it looked lush, i havent got around to buying it yet but hopefully after Janaury! 😀

  13. Laura Moreton says:

    New tip from my favourate Benefit Counter girl Sam, mix this with eyecon for under the eyes, brightens up my bags!

  14. Laura Moreton says:

    This is simply stunning, i wear it all over with no other makeup ans its smellls soooooo good. If only it was bigger I would wear it all over my body.

    10/10 for me

  15. sam messer says:

    I’m not sure, i love high beam and moonbeam but when i was in store and tried this i thought it was a bit much. Will have a rethink.

  16. Leah says:

    OMG, I love this, its getting more use than my High Beam at the min!

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