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  1. Fiona says:

    I have the nude pinky shade in this lip gloss. I agree that it smells yummy! It does stay on really well and gives a very nice finish but to be honest I do find it a little sticky sometimes.

  2. lisa sanders says:

    i love the glosses and they smell so good.tip…for and ultra sexified smile try the nude/pink or gold glosses over benefit Gilted .the gold seeps,through and jist give you a pout to die for.and for reds and pinks stain your lips with benetint first to give you an extra boost on the rouged look.

  3. Laura Moreton says:

    My friend from work got me this for christmas. its the Watermelon one I wanted and its always in my handbag. I love it! just want to eat it though, smells so good.

  4. Laura Moreton says:

    I do not own one of these lovelys but im saving up my boots points to bag one, cant remember the name of it but its brightpink and smells of watermelon Yum! these are lush and i always wear my sisters,cant wait for my own x

  5. karen daltry says:

    never leave home without it,a good tip here,prep your lips with posie tint then apply gloss and it lasts all day

  6. Lucy Wheeler says:

    I love these glosses, they give me the perfect pout! Thanks Benefit!

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