Our Fan Of The Month…

I think the only fitting way to introduce myself is this: My name is Chyaz Samuel, I’m 19 years old and I’m a Beneholic! I’ve been a lover of all things Benefit since the second I got my hands on the BadGal Eyeliner, and haven’t looked back.

Benefit is the brand that kick-started my interest in make up. Since then, I’ve become a Make Up ‘Guru’ on YouTube; my channel, punkchyaz has had over a million views and I have used Benefit products in virtually every one of my videos.

Our fan of the month

The product I will be reviewing for you here is the Smokin’ Eyes Kit – if you watch my channel, you’d know that the classic smoky eye is my ultimate favourite look. It’s timeless, sexy and can work with so many outfits and looks. On receiving the kit, I was instantly impressed; not only does it come complete with three gorgeous shades of eyeshadow (Pink Highlight Shadow, Pewter Base Shadow and Deep Charcoal Shadow), but it also includes Brow Zings Wax, Eye Bright, a Smokin’ Eyeliner, brush and tweezers!

Benefit Cosmetics Smokin' Eyes

Before I’d even unpackaged the kit properly I could tell that it was the definitive set of tools for creating a gorgeous smoky eye. The Smokin’ Eyes Kit also comes with a handy booklet with tips on how to use it. Although I usually like to experiment with make up following my own rules, I decided to test out the kit by following the booklet’s advice.

Smokin Eyes Lesson

I would advise to start with an eyeshadow primer, like Stay Don’t Stray.

I then applied the Pewter Base with the fluffy end of the brush, followed by the Deep Charcoal shadow into the crease and the outer corner of the eye. I was speechless at how smooth the application was; the shadows were so easily blend-able and the brush was divine.

The Pink Highlight shadow glided on to my skin under the brow and really brightened the eye area.

I’m already an avid fan of Eye Bright, so I knew it would work wonders when I applied it to the inner corners of my eyes.

I then applied the Brow Zings Wax, which although very pigmented, did not look out of place on the brows and defined them perfectly.

I added the eyeliner on the waterline, then the BadGal Mascara in Black as a finishing touch, and ta da! The perfect smoky eye in less than 5 minutes!

My experience as Benefit’s Fan of the Month has been wonderful, and has definitely added a new product to my list of Benefit addictions. One of the greatest things about the kit is that it is so compact – it wouldn’t be an obtrusion in anyone’s handbag, meaning you can carry it around almost anywhere! On the front of the kit Benefit warns: ‘Contents are extremely hot!’. I couldn’t agree more; the Smokin’ Eyes kit is one of the hottest and most exciting products I’ve used this year.

Stay creative and have fun with make up!

Chyaz x

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