Define your wink with a liquid ink…

Eyeliner is a serious make up trend for the winter, which has got all of us Benebabes wondering how to avoid the seemingly inevitable blotches and smudges of eyeliner applied by a hurried hand?

We once heard a drag queen say that his most important make-up tip was for liquid eyeliner; when applying, he rested his elbow on the table to steady his trembling hands. Simple but effective!  You could also try using your spare hand to pull gently at the outer corner of your eye, sweeping the liner from inside corner to outside, which makes the skin taught and helps to avoid a jagged line when the skin pulls.

Magic Ink

Aim to build the line up gradually, starting with a fine line very close to the lashes, then make it gradually thicker if you want more drama.  If you’re worried about drawing the line all in one, try drawing a series of smaller strokes and even out afterwards; you could even try using BADgal Pencil over the top to soften the look but still hold on to the strong black you get from liquid.

By happy coincidence, we have the solution to all of your eyeliner conundrums, with the nationwide launch of Magic Ink on the 6th November and already available online!  In a really intense black, it will create the perfect focus for your feline eyes.

Magic Ink Liquid Liner

Create a classic look by creating a subtle flick at the outer corner and team with a natural complexion (albeit with a little extra glow added by Girl Meets Pearl and a smudge of Posietint)  or go ultra-modern by combining multiple angular lines with a matte plum lipstick (try Full-Finish Lipstick in Espionage), a huge trend for Autumn/Winter.

To find our how to ensure perfect aplication every time click here

To really set off your eyeliner, pay a visit to a Benefit Brow Bar to frame those perfect peepers!

Happy Inking! xxx

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  1. Laura Moreton says:

    Tried this the other day and it is soooo good. blackest of black liners and when i was too lazy to wash it of before bed, I still woke up with it in tack and look lushious!

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