Challenge Hannah…

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Today we have challenged our lovely Marketing Intern Hannah, to put our ‘Her Name was Glowla’ set’s make-up lesson through it’s paces.

Here’s how she got on… in 7 easy steps!

benefit blog

If you want to get to know ‘Glowla’, then simply click here

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  1. Niamh says:

    I’ve tried samples of a few benefit products and while I think they’re really good… I think you’re taking the absolute mick with the prices you ask for your products.

    I mean seriously, £17.50 for Moon/Highbeam?

    Like I said I really do think you’re great but there’s no way I could justify buying anything from you because of your ridiculous prices.

    • Laura Moreton says:

      I used to agree with you Niamh, but i bought a few benefit items in August 2008 and im still using them now. I use Bo-ing almost everyday and it still has a good few months left. I agree they arent the cheepest products but your paying for quality, my Georgia and 10 box powders are 2 years old and going stong.

  2. So excited that Benefit now has a UK Blog! I love this set – spotted it in the Boots Christmas Gift Guide and made my mind up to treat myself this payday, which I did!

    The mini High Beam and Moon Beam are great and can easily be stashed in my make-up bag for a quick glitz refresh during the day. Coralista is lovely and I’d been wanting to try it for a while. The Gloss is a perfect subtle colour that takes you easily from day to night and the Bad Gal Lash is, as ever, a firm favourite! Did I mention the eyeshadows?! Such a lovely mix in this set and again, easy to transform from day to night!

    Thanks, Benefit, for putting together a gorgeous mix of lovelies!

    Lindsay 🙂

  3. Laura Moreton says:

    This is such a gorgeous set, The coralista looks really good on Hannah. Im hoping my boyfriend gets the hint to buy me this for Christmas, but as he has just said he is off the Asda to get my Xmas present now, I think i will have to splurge myself. Love this set!

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