Nice knickers…

There is nothing pants about Fred & Gingers luxury underwear! For the third season in a row Benefit have provided the make-up for their collection shoots, so we thought it was high time we shared some of these make-up looks with you as they are gorgeous!

Fred & Ginger


Benefit Bridal Look

Benefit Look

Third Look

Fourth Benefit Look


Visit Fred & Ginger to check out their entire range of divine delicates and see the Benefit make-up looks to match.

When you’re wearing next to nothing but a smile…make it sparkle with lipgloss!

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  1. Nura says:

    Girls,This makeup sereis has been fun. I think my little seester ended it on a perfect note. Her and I have had lots of fun makeup shopping.Morgan,What you said was so sweet.

  2. Laura Moreton says:

    Might have to forward this to my boyfriend for Xmas pressie ideas….on second thoughts, that mnight not be a good idea, i will describe the underwear rather than flash him a stunning model.

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