Jumping for joy at the royal engagement-bridal tips!

Here at Benefit HQ, we’re jumping for joy at the royal engagement of Prince William and Kate. We’ve been daydreaming about the dress (not to mention hair and make-up, and the tiara!) since the news was announced.

It's not just the dress that requires 'fussing'. Make-up is just as important and requires special attention.

We invited one of our most prized beauty experts—Darren Seale—to share with us his make-up recommendations for this special day.

Tips to ensure that the day goes smoothly as possible:

Mistakes will be made
If you make a mistake, don’t stress. Makeup remover is made for a reason. Remove the mistake and start again.

Don’t wear mascara because you will cry
Instead, do have your lashes tinted the week of the wedding. This will give you the ‘mascara effect’ without the risk of black ink running down your face.

Individual fake lashes last twice as long as strip lashes
Pick up individual fake lashes. They will last from 5-10 days, twice as long as strip lashes. They will give you great length and volume.

Time saver: A brow wax and tint will accentuate your eye make-up
The tint will define your brows. Just think, you will have one fewer product to put on. The brow wax will clear the eye area and will further emphasise your eye make-up.

Stay ‘picture-perfect’ for the cameras with 3 must-have products:
• High beam-will illuminate and make your skin look dewy great for your pictures.

• Porefessional-will minimize your pores, and oily areas will stay matte.

• Cupid’s Bow-I love this product—it will make your lips fuller and more defined. 

‘Time to start the hat shopping!

Darren Seale is based in our Covent Garden boutique. He is a seasoned professional of ten years and has worked with a range of clients, from West End theatre cast members to top celebrities. He is our senior Brow & Body Grooming expert.

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  1. Laura Moreton says:

    when i was bridesmaid I went to Benefit to make me over wedding style, i bought ~”hello gorgeous” and “10” power. my face was flaweless and my cheekbones look awesome. definetly a brand for weddings.

  2. karen daltry says:

    i hired a benebabe to do all the bridal make up for my wedding in may and it was worth every penny,id been going to see her for 18months in the run up to my big day,wed discussed colours and the look i wanted to get,my make up trials were included,and i built up a wonderful friendship with steph,my magical day arrived and steph was so excited,she really took her time,my mum went first then my bridesmaids then me she used moon beam on me as i wanted my eyes and cheeks to glisten,cupids bow worked fan and i can honestly say everything stayed put all day,i didn’t have to reapply at all.the finished look was breathtaking,natural but with big sparkly glam eyes,id had my brows waxed the week before so the timing worked out recommend hiring a benefit consultant to everyone for bridal make up. i look at my wedding pictures now and think to myself it was money very well spent

    • Jesucristo says:

      After enduring two miirgcrsaaes myself before having our baby boy I can tell you from experience the blessing and joy of your little man will truly knock your socks off, but I am sure you have already found that out!! Congrats and blessings to you!

  3. Laura Moreton says:

    m thinking the eye colours in hello glowla would look so subtle and beautiful for the big day. and Coralista in the kit or even dandelion would look great on her cheeks

    • Mathilde says:

      Thank you friend! It was so great sieeng you again. It felt like old times! I loved it! Thanks for your insight and encouragement to finish nursing school, and how to be a nurse in the real world! Thank you also for the beautiful pictures, you really polished me up nice, no blemishes, no nasty neck burn! Love ya lots girl!

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