Jiggle gel, Jiggle gel, Jiggle gel rocks…

Jiggle gel, Jiggle gel, Jiggle gel rocks
Jiggle gel firms, and Jiggle gel tones
Snowbunny, birthday suit are bags are fun
Now the Benebabes have begun

Jiffy tan, Jiffy tan, Jiffy tan rocks
The Jiffy Tan tans in its very own Time
Dancin’ and prancin’ in Jiffytan bare
At the Victorian fayre

What eye bright time, it’s the right time
To shop the day away!
Day and Night time is sugarbomb time
To wear gilded on Christmas day

Giddy up Benebabes, Pick up your feet
Jiggle around the shop!
Fix it, and fake it, the perfect treat

That’s the Jiggle gel
That’s the Jiffy tan
‘Cos the Benebabes rocks!!

A big THANK-YOU to the Benebabes at Boots Worcester for sharing with us another fabulous creative Christmas melody. These lyrics are a blast to the past, featuring some of our wonderful products that have gone to make-up heaven to make room for newbies. We hope you are enjoying the Christmas festivities and are looking forward to the well-deserved break. If you’d like to visit the talented crew at Boots Worcester, they’d be absolutely delighted. Just ring them on 01905 726 868…xxx

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