‘Tis the season for more parties…New Year’s Eve Prep

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that Party Season is over! The New Year’s Eve celebrations are just around the corner! We’ve invited Darren Seale, our senior Beauty Advisor to share with us his top five party glam tips to help you prepare for the REAL festivities.

1. Lashes
Fake lashes
 give you the volume and length without the mascara running down your face when you party the night away! It’s quick, easy, and painless with us.

2. Picture-perfect Glow
High Beam and Moon Beam should be worn at all times to achieve the picture-perfect glow that your friends will be envious of… 

3. Don’t forget the primer
It’ll hold your make-up on all night, and will also give you the “dewy” look. 

4. Let’s gush about ‘sugarbomb’ blush
This 4-in-1 blush will warm and bronze your cheekbones.

5. It’s all about the eyes
Our latest product Magic Ink has a square brush that gives you the versatility to do thin and thick lines…don’t forget the dot to dot trick!

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