Dear Darren: Help! I’m getting married next year and want to look A-list perfect

Dear Darren, 
Help! I’m getting married next year and want to look A-List perfect. What are your top products for durability and long-day wear for my Big Day?

—Leah x

Dear Leah,
First, Congratulations to you and your partner! The wedding makeover is one of my favourite makeovers. It is truly a special makeover so it should be treated with lots of care. 

Step One: Start with the basics

Start with a primer that suits your complexion. ‘That Gal’ will hold your face make-up on all day. Next, ‘Some Kind-a Gorgeous’ is a light-weight foundation that provides good coverage. Or, try ‘Hello Flawless’, which is a powder that will set your makeup and give you a bit more coverage. Not to say that you’d need it, but just in case, Bo-ing is a good spot concealer.

Step Two: A blush fit for a future blushing bride

Choose from our six box o’ powders. They are stellar! We are introducing ‘Bella Bamba’ in-store next Saturday, the 29th January 2011.  Wear the new watermelon 3D blusher to unleash your inner Bella Bamba. We’ll leave that one to your imagination.

Step Three: The eyes tell you everything

The Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows are great for special occasions, such as your wedding day. As its name suggests, it doesn’t crease! Badgal black waterproof mascara (trust me, there will be tears) will give you great full lashes.

Step Four: Body Grooming is a must

I’m speaking from experience now: You could have the best makeup in the world, but if your brows are untidy or have hair in unwanted places, it could possibly destroy the entire look. Prospective brides often come to us for brow and body waxing, as well as spray tans as a final touch so they can rest assured on their very special day.



Leah, the team here wishes you the very best as you and your partner prepare for the wedding day. It will indeed be a magical day, and the journey to that day will be equally memorable.

Until next time! Stay fab!

Darren x

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  1. Claire Dallison-Hawkins says:

    I got married last year and wore flawless, 2 creaseless eyeshadows (smokey ish) effect and sugarbomb with badgal lashes!

    With that gal under and FYI nder eyeshadow – make up didnt move, very natural and felt amazing 🙂 The only thing I applied throughout the day was lippy!!


  2. Leah says:

    Thanks so much Darren, awesome advice xx

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