Nine hours at work takes its toll on my eye make-up…Is there a solution, or am I just expecting too much?

Dear Darren,

How do I ensure that my eye make-up stays on? I put on creaseless cream in the morning, and although this last all night on a night out in town, nine hours at work does takes it toll. Is there a solution out there, or am I just expecting too much for a long day at work?

—Laura x

Dear Laura,

You are certainly not expecting too much. We like ladies like you. It sounds like you work hard and play hard, and really live life to the fullest. You’ll need make-up that can keep up with your fast-paced life. We highly recommend using an eye primer with creaseless eye cream.  “Creaseless” doesn’t necessarily mean long-lasting (it won’t crease), although it’s great to hear that it keeps you glamorous on a night out in town. Definitely try our ‘Stay, don’t Stray’, a great primer that can be used 360 degrees around the eyes so it also holds concealer under the eyes. This will give you a longer-wear eye shadow and even brightens that area.

Laura, the team here are in awe of you! We really respect the way you carry yourself and approach life. Best of luck in everything you do! Hope to see you soon!

Until next time, stay fab!

Darren x

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  1. Megan Gunn says:

    Hi Edna! Bronzer can be used to deepen the skin tone as well as contour the hollow parts of your face. Highlighter lightens certain parts of your face whereas blush adds colour to your cheek bones and primer lasts different lengths of time depending how often you use it. We hope that answers all of your questions! xx

  2. Laura Tams says:

    Stay don’t stray works well for me too :o)

    • Oxana says:

      Hmm I don’t know much about Clinique; I only use that particular tevral makeup kit. You kidding me? The brands you listed are like so sought after in Sg. Especially NARS coz it’s not available in Singapore. I own at least one product per brand. And you should take advantage, the products are super ex in Singapore, that’s why I splurged when I was in DC & NY to stock them up. If you look at my page titled Girlie , you can see the list of my beauty products I’m currently using.For mascara I recommend you buy drug store brands. Seriously mascaras don’t last, and the max you can keep them is 6 months once opened. So no point buying expensive ones. I always use Maybelline, but I bought a Covergirl one when I was there, coz I heard some raves. Haven’t used it yet. Eye cream I always change, coz I find when I use one brand too long, it doesn’t seem to show any effect after a while.. I prefer a concealer that dries to a powder finish, so now I’m using The Balm Time Balm in Light for undereye area and I set it with Benefit Powderflage; and in Light/Medium for the rest of my face. The Balm Time Balm is good coz it has Vitamins A,C & E, which is supposed to help with wrinkles. I also have a MAC studio fix concealer but I think it’s a little oily for use in Sg. I actually learnt my makeup from YouTube gurus. My favourite channel is MakeupbyTiffanyD, but I also watch some other gurus like Michelle Phan. They have videos on makeup basics so you can really learn a lot. Basically I follow this order (after basic beauty regimen): primer/BB cream, foundation, concealer, eye makeup, (bronzer), blush, (highlighter), lippy (lip liner/lipstick/lip gloss). If you use liquid foundation, I found through experience not to put your powder to set the liquid foundation till after you’re done with the rest of the makeup if not the powders might clump. Then you can put on the finishing powder before your bronzer/blush/highlighter. If you want the makeup to last during the hot season, you can always spray a setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter or MAC Fix+.

  3. Elaine says:

    Stay Don’t Stray works well for me!

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