Time to 'Bella Bamba-fy' our favourite beauty bloggers

Latino melodies flowed throughout our Benefit Boutique at Covent Garden last Wednesday, 19th January, the evening of our Bella Bamba and new Ultrashine lip glosses launch party.

Our new 3-D (Dip-Dot-Define) watermelon blush kept everyone looking defined, sculpted, and brightened.

Trick-of-the-evening: Lisa Potter-Dixon, our Head Make-Up Artist shared with everyone how she puts a small amount on her eye lids for an all-over gorgeous glow.

Darren Seale, our Senior Grooming and Body Expert demonstrated our brow waxing service on Amrita, the lovely gal behind 6inchstilettos, showing why the Benefit brow arch is so unique.


“Bella Bamba was being used on all of us and surprisingly, it suited every single person. Dark skin, light skin, olive skin…It didn’t matter. It was as if the blush was tailor-made for each person and blended in perfectly with their skin and skintone. Personally, I love the fact that anyone can pull this shade.”


“Darren demonstrated the process of achieving the perfect arch and dismissed the ‘no plucking, waxing above the brow’ as a myth, creating perfect brows for 6inchstilettos.”


“What surprised and impressed me was how flattering it was for all shades of skin, from palest to the darkest.”

Beautifully Addicted to:

“What I also like is how the design of the box has also changed – the lid is now attached, so no more messing about and losing/breaking them. They’ve also stuck a mirror in the lid as well – which is always handy.”

Cosmetic Candy:

“It is quite pigmented, so less is more”

Fleur De Force:

“Definitely get it!”

Young Designers Limited:
“When you are a kind of girly girl, Benefit products are the cosmetics that you want to have in your make- up bag, the products are so pretty and look like candy”

It was certainly an evening of unleashing our inner Bella Bamba. We invite you to share with us how you release yours…nation-wide launch of Bella Bamba, our latest addition to the box o’ powder is Saturday, 29th January. Join the party, go on, and get your Bella Bamba on! xx

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