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  1. Patricia says:

    ‘Ne’er cast a clout til May is out!’ Translated means Don’t change from winter clothes to summer clothes until June! A clout is a northern English word for a piece of cloth. It became associated with hitting something because parents would ‘clout’ their kids with the said cloth!

  2. Allison H says:

    Mammy on being clumsy – “If your ass was made of glass, it would have broken a long time ago” such a lovely lady full of hilariously funny, witty charisma, we all miss and love her lots, think of her everyday, love you mammy xxx

  3. Jennifer Birtles says:

    When I was younger, Whenever I got hairspray in my eyes, my mum would run at me with a pair of knickers (clean ones… hopefully haha) and would tell me that ‘knickers’ have a special cotton that protects your eyes????????? really??? This might have be a load of old tosh, but it always seemed to do the trick. We would it so funny that i had a pair of knickers held to my face, that i would completely forget about the stinging feeling. Hahaha… love you mum! x

  4. Laura Moreton says:

    My mum once asked if Stevie Wonder was born Black, I think she meant blind, kept us laughing for a while!

  5. Yvonne Keogh says:

    My mum would wake me and my brother by singing what I can only assume was a song she made up. . . “Yvonne, John put your trousers on there’s a man in the garden with his belly at the sun.” I have no idea what it means either.
    She also would say if I had some crisps, chips to the Americans, can I have one and when I complained that she took a handful she said well it means your not married if you only take one crisp. Lovely woman truly a saint but. . .Y x

  6. kirstie pethers says:

    my mum used to put butter on any bumps and bruises i got! to this day i do not know why, but it always made me feel better.

  7. Sara Wilson says:

    My mum used to always say to me when putting on blusher ‘Remember Chishire cat grin from ear to ear’

  8. Shaunna Cubberley says:

    My mother isn’t very outdoorsy but is always scared ill find myself in a situation that I couldnt get out of.

    She once said “If you get caught in an avalanche, you must swim with it and not fight it”

    ….not particularly useful information in East London.

    Thanks to her, I now know what to do if I am in a plane going down, if I get bitten by a snake, If im trapped in a broken lift and how to recharge my battery incase of emergency – stick it under your armpit for ten minutes, the heat will charge it so that you can make that “emergency” call.

    My mother = the fancy Bear Grills


  9. Isabelle says:

    “Teeth and tits darling, teeth and tits.”
    one of my favourite things my mum told me before I went into a long day of work! 🙂

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