Dressing up for the London Marathon 2011

Crowds gathered, balloon were blown up, Union Jacks were waved. Nope, it wasn’t the Royal Wedding. This past Sunday, we celebrated the largest charity event in the world.

The London Marathon drew the attention of countless of sports enthusiasts. (Watching those runners really made us feel guilty about not working out.)

Benefit’s Roving Reporters were out snapping pictures of participants who really embodied the Marathon spirit. Our favourites were the tutu-wearing dynamic duo and Mr. Footy, who didn’t seem to have much trouble gaining the attention of loyal admirers.

Miss Ginger, Miss Sunshine, and Mr Pink Tutu, along with Mr Footy’s female sidekick (carrying umbrellas) also generated cheers from our side.  

Our day drew to a close when we saw the massive queue to the Canada Water Tube station. It was the longest queue we’ve seen in a very LONG time.

The weather was lovely, the people were jubilant, and the runners donned some very creative outerwear. Well-done to the runners who raised millions for good causes.

Benefit HQ xxx

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  1. Claire Dallison-Hawkins says:

    Isnt it a fab day out! We watch at Greenwich and then Isle of Dogs! So mile 6 then 17! Seeing the same faces and how tired and sore they look then – knowing 8ish miles left!
    Fair play to em all… Well Done!

    My hubby has entered 3 years now and not got a place – fingers x for next year pls 🙂

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