Long weekend: Hello Copenhagen or Hej København (in Danish)

Our Benefit Roving Reporters venture to Copenhagen, Denmark this long weekend to experience what this vibrant Scandinavian city has to offer. We’ve been saving this trip for a sunny weekend to ensure that we soak up the best of Danish culture.

Disney movie-lovers: The first little mermaid was not the vivacious Ariel who desperately wanted to exchange her fins for legs at Ursula’s mercy.  The sculpture Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid in Danish) was created in 1913 by Edvard Eriksen, whose wife, Eline, was the model (above). We were able to snap a picture of the first little mermaid before the swarm of tourists descend upon her fins.

Copenhagen is a city proud of its maritime heritage. The two green pavilions (above) are located on the quayside just beyond the Little Mermaid. The Danish royal family gather here before embarking on their yachting adventures.

Although the royal family no longer resides in the quarters of this 17th-century Renaissance castle, Rosenborg Castle (above) still houses the Crown Jewels (below), which are tightly guarded by bayonet-carrying sentries. Sounds familiar? Sorry to disappoint: No imprisonment or beheading of wives in this castle…

Feast your eyes on this set of royal crowns. The diamond-encrusted crowns, combined with rubies and sapphires are kept locked up in the castle’s basement, behind heavily-guarded security doors.

No holiday is complete without trying the local cuisine, such as this smoked herring dish, topped with potatoes and bread, Danish staples. I also tried a carrot and ginger fruit drink (plus mint leaves), which I found to be quite refreshing. Highly recommend this dish as well as the salmon sandwich dish (also above).

We can’t believe that this cute city has so many hidden treasures, such as this beautiful Neo-Gothic Church, built in 1885. Today, we really enjoyed our picturesque cycling tour of one of Europe’s coolest cities.

Tomorrow, we take you to Malmö, Sweden, which is only a 45-minute train ride from Copenhagen. Happy long weekend!

Benefit Roving Reporters xxx


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