Part I: Wedding day bloopers…These actually happened!

Nope, these awkward moments were not made-up! A sense of humour is a must for those who have had their share of unexpected wedding moments. We invited our own Bene-family to share with us what made them turn red (or green…) at weddings they’ve attended…

Katie, our lovely Marketing Coordinator, along with her fellow bridesmaids, who wore colour-coordinated dresses, made a grand entrance. She surely brightened her friend’s wedding day! 

Lisa, our lovely Marketing Assistant, was a true friend by helping her friend with make-up (Benefit, of course!) and moral support. You’ll surely need to be in good spirits when you have facetious page boys, like the one above, testing your patience on your big day.

Amanda, our one-and-only Marketing Manager, and Ben were blessed with sunshine at their wedding. It was so warm that their cake melted in the heat!!

Enjoy the stories…this is only Part I.

Click here to read Part II.

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  1. Annaa says:

    Debbie – Merry Christmas to you too! I should have sent you our Christmas card We used a bunch of your pierutcs. Thanks for being so awesome and fun. Enjoy the rest of 2011!

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