Royal wedding fever hits the shops in Chelmsford…has it hit your town yet?

If your home is decorated like this, you’re certainly not alone.

It’s officially arrived! Royal wedding fever has hit the town of Chelmsford, a quaint English town where the Benefit HQ resides. Tickety Boo, one of our favourite shops in Meadows Shopping Centre, features a toast to the Royal couple and every sort of memorabilia you can possibly think of to pass on to your grandchildren.  

Whew, we were a bit worried about where one would store all this soon-to-be historical memorabilia (or junk, as others would call it)…

Of course, duh! You can store them safely in this treasure chest that can also serve as a time capsule. You never know when your investments start will start bearing fruit!

It’s not just the women who have caught the fever. The Golden Fleece, the local pub here have already put up their bunting. Hey, it’s a day off, and we all love a good street party.  

Signing off from Chelmsford…

Benefit HQ


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