Part II: Wedding day bloopers…Dad's mobile rang during the vows

We know, we know, you’re tired of hearing about weddings, buntings, and wedding protesters.  That’s why we bring you part two of our Wedding Bloopers series.

Jenna from our Sales Support team said her vows to the tune of the Nokia mobile phone tune. Her digitally-savvy dad forgot to switch his phone off. We think he was too focused on escorting his daughter down the aisle. Props to Dad!

Lyndsay from our HR team had to disqualify a friend from the bouquet-catching competition. Her married friend (who’d had ‘a few too many’) decided that she’d had enough of her husband. She took off her wedding ring and her shoes and made a dash to the dance floor to catch the bouquet. And she caught it…before Lyndsay caught her red-handed!!

Nina, our Director of First Impressions, offers a candid piece of advice to shy brides: Carry a Benefit ultrashine lipgloss in your cleavage for those unexpected snaps.

We expect no less from our wedding-savvy brides at Benefit HQ!

Thanks for reading. Before you stress out about your big day, just remember:

It could be worse!

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