Guest Blogger: POREfessional, a primer fit for a Princess

 Anita Naik, our guest blogger today, is the resident Health and Beauty Expert at VoucherCodes.co.uk and Most Wanted. When she’s not keeping readers updated on the latest make-up trends and fragrance releases, she can be found penning her next book. Anita is super passionate about health, beauty, parenting, technology and Louboutins.

The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) is a girl truly after my own heart. Aside from buying her post wedding wardrobe from Warehouse, I have it on very good authority that she did her own make up on her wedding day.

It seems Kate wanted to keep true to her natural look and so despite the pressure of having a zillion HD TV cameras zooming in for a close up she said no to a make up artist and flawlessly made herself up.

While we don’t know for sure what make up she used, from my many years as a beauty journalist I guarantee you that she used a primer and/or pore-minimiser as a base. Not only to erase any potential problem areas (yes even Princesses have them) but also to give her foundation something to grab hold of for the day.

If like me you’re wishing you had flawless Kate-like skin you’re not alone. My main problem areas being lack of sleep, no time to apply make up and pores that could give a sieve a run for its money.

All of which is why I am loving POREfessional. This velvety, and extremely gorgeous smelling balm works impressively well. All you have to do is pat it on across your fine lines, oily bits or wherever your pores are partying, and it will make your skin 100% HD ready.

My best tips for getting the application right is to make sure you’re applying POREfessional to a moisturised but dry face (too dry or too wet and primers tend to go cake-y).

If however, you’re thinking a product like this seems like a step too far in terms of make up, it’s worth knowing primers and pore minimisers are a major make up time saver.

Not only do they ensure your make up stays on for longer but they also guarantee that you look flawless no matter what the day throws at you.

Thank you Anita! It looks as if the POREfessional had a good tour of your garden! 

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