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benefit cosmetics summer catalogue

Although the weather hasn’t been that glorious at our Benefit HQ recently, we’ve certainly now got something really special that’s brightened up the place! (On top of all the lightbulbs we replaced!)

Our fantastic interactive summer catalogue is finally here! Theres loadsa’ great products in there and you can flick through all day long rest assured you won’t tear the pages to shreds! You’ll also be able to get more beauty sleep at night knowing a tree wasn’t cut down to make your catalogue; because we love trees here at Benefit!

‘I have an iPad though? …’ I hear you say! Not to worry! Our wonderful BeneGeeks have made an iPad & iPhone friendly eCatalogue so you’ll be able to browse our amazing collection from the palm of your hand! Perfectimundo!

Check it out now on our Facebook page by going to:
www.facebook.com/BenefitCosmeticsUK and click on ‘eCatalogues’ on the left hand side!

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