Daddy is the best!

As we all know, it’s nearly that time of the year to let your Dad know you appreciate his bottomless pockets and midnight taxi services. That you love his cooked dinners and that he lets you get away with murder because you are, and always will be, his little princess!
“You can’t wear that out can you? That’s not even a skirt!”

I love my daddy this much

So here at Benefit Headoffice, we’ve asked all the peeps round the office to let us know what they’re up to, or what they love most about their Dads!

“I love my Dad because this weekend he’s cooking the whole family a curry with homemade naan bread! xx” – Hannah, Marketing Intern
“My dad is the best in the world but he’s decided to go to Thailand (worrying as he’s single!) with his mates. He says it cheaper than lending me money if I was to see him at the weekend!!!!!  What are dad’s for hey?  I give him a nice card and he gives me cash right??!!” – Nina, Director of First Impressions
“Here is a picture of me & my dad John. He sends texts me jokes everyday which I share with the Benefit Finance team to brighten up everyone’s day. Unfortunately- most of the jokes are unrepeatable for the blog :)”- Naomi, Accounts


“My Dad rocks because he gave my fiancée permission to marry me… old fashioned hey! And he is really funny and gives my great big hugs!!” – Katie, Marketing Co-ordinator
“The only man a girl can depend on is a daddy
Frency Grease 1978
Never a truer word spoken 🙂

He never gets cross, not even when you call him in tears when you get your first car and cant get the petrol cap off to fill up the car.  Or when you call him to say you have dropped you car keys down the side of a multi story car park from floor 3… nor when you lock you car keys in the boot… should I go on??” – Beth, National Training Manager
“We love our Dad (picture attached) and appreciate everything he’s ever done for us . . . even though he still hasn’t lived up to his promise of taking us on the Generation Game, going to Disneyland, or stop playing Bob Dylan at FULL BLAST!” – Holly & Leanne Booth, Operations & Brand Analyst

Christmas Dinner


“My dad is REALLY cool and he cooks really good spaghetti and he plays the piano and he makes me laugh and tells fabulous jokes that never go wrong and manages to keep 4 children, a wife, and a dog all happy on a daily basis. And he writes really good messages in cards.  He is a general champion amongst men!” – Lucy, Queen of everything to do with Marketing (And excel guru) .. aka .. Marketing Assistant



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