Challenge Hannah: How she stayed Glasto-Gorgeous at Glastonbury 2011

With wellies, waterproofs and far too many accessories, a couple of the Benefit gals waded through the mud to Glastonbury 2011.  Determined to defy the weather and stay glam with our Lana bags full of all the essentials (ok…well maybe they weren’t quite essential…) we went in search of good times!

Never mind the music… we tried our hands at tightrope walking and plate spinning in the Circus Field, visited a dystopian universe in Shangri-La and were spooked by the fortune tellers in the Healing Fields.  After a spot of rummaging at the vintage stalls we painted our faces with Creaseless Cream Shadows and partied all night in Arcadia surrounded by fireworks and flame throwers!


We spent Friday sampling the local cider (it’s a tough job but somebody has to) and then were grateful for our waterproof mascara when we were soaked to the skin whilst watching Mumford and Sons and U2.  Sheltering in leaky tents isn’t the most glamorous of activities for an evening, but we managed to peel ourselves out of our waterproof trousers (hot stuff) when the sun came out for Two Door Cinema Club, The Kills and Coldplay.


Sunday was a scorcher (how can British weather change so much in 2 days?!) so we lathered on the sunscreen, kicked off our wellies and scoured the land for a Calippo!

 Then our favourite diva Beyonce threw out all her best tunes to keep the 50,000 people in the crowd entertained until our legs gave up and we couldn’t groove any more!  


We’re still drying our tears that there isn’t a Glasto in 2012, but we’ve started saving up for 2013 already!

Benefit Roving Reporter xx


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  1. Momo says:

    Ryan25/08/2011I’ve not been to a festival this year but i’ve maegand to get 3 days out of my iPhone4 while at home. It mostly boils down to screen brightness which i’m surprised isn’t mentioned above. On the iPhone, anything at half or below will really save you some battery and make sure auto brightness is off because when you’re under the sun your screen gets brighter by itself.Also never lock your iphone with the facebook app still on, it really destroys your battery.And if you’re willing to sacrifice your apps and just want to make calls and texts go to settings > General > Network and turn mobile data off. That stops your phone looking for a 3G signal and really helps.

  2. Hannah P says:

    Beyonce was amazing, wish I went! xx

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