Event-of-the-Year: Thanks for coming to our 1-day flash sale!

Move over Royal Wedding!! Forget about the 2012 Olympics. Our 1-day they’re real! flash sale was the event-of-the-year that got the Brits and the Irish really excited.

CONGRATULATIONS to our devoted Benefit mascara fans who picked up they’re real! our new mascara THREE weeks before the nationwide launch. Thank you for making the effort to come to our first-ever lash-tastic ONE-DAY they’re real! flash sale on Saturday. We share with you some stories from our most dedicated fans who climbed over mountains and paddled through the river Thames to get to us.

It was buzzing with activity everywhere. The photographer of this picture could barely find a free space to stand and was nearly knocked over by an eager they’re real! fan. (Excuse the blurry parts)

Not only was it an indoor party. But, when the heavy rain (typical August weather in Britain) stopped, the party went outdoors. Helen from our John Lewis counter on Oxford Street hosted a they’re real! mobile party with her they’re real! colour-coded balloons to successfully achieve the near-impossible: Get people’s attention on Oxford Street without compromising one’s integrity.

A dedicated fan shared with us that she worked late every night the previous week just so that she could take Saturday morning off to get to the  Boots Nottingham Victore Centre counter to try the new mascara.

Up in Glasgow at the House of Fraser counter there was a queue in the morning. In fact, a fan had been on the road since 7am and caught two buses to reach the counter. Another fan travelled all the way from  England to get to Glasgow that morning. That is a mighty trek!

At our Debenhams Belfast counter, the first five customers who purchased they’re real! were treated to a special Benefit they’re real! cheer from our Debenhams Belfast team. This is the first customer (above), and suffice to say, she was not frightened by the personalised cheer from our Belfast team. (Apologises again, the photo is blurry because the Benebabe who took it was a bit distracted by the chanting…err…cheering.)

Or, if you had a great boyfriend like Darren (see above), you could have sent him in the morning from Swindon to pick up your list of Benefit goodies from the Benefit Boutique at Covent Garden.

We agree, the event was a hair-raising affair. Our Boutiques team at Covent Garden and Spitalfields Market combined good make-up with good hair. They invited hair stylists from lipstick and curls to  style our they’re real! fans. It was a one-stop shop for those who wanted to take a trip to the past to escape the realities of the present and future.

We want to say a special thank you to YouTube blogger BritPopPrincess who invited her fans to come meet her in-person (what a treat!) at our Benefit Boutique at Covent Garden. They were ready for a night out with their Bene-dates! Thanks for spreading the Bene-love Patricia!

On the same digital note, Mel, one of our most loyal Facebook Fans, hopped on the bus once she saw us posting real-time pictures of fans trying on the new mascara. WOWZERS to the power of the internet & quick and nimble fans like Mel!

For those of you who couldn’t make it on Saturday, you don’t have to wait too long. The nationwide launch of they’re real! our new mascara is on the 27th August. However, if patience is not your strong trait, you can purchase them on the 13th August (this Saturday) online and in our Benefit Boutiques.

Get them before they SELL OUT!!

Benefit HQ xx

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