You didn't hear it from us…Hot off the Press!!

We know how much you all love peer reviews. The statistician in us would like to point out that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. So, we thought we’d share with you some of the buzz that have come back to us about they’re real! the new mascara since the 1-day flash sale on Saturday.

If you are convinced, it is available this Saturday online and in Boutiques. The nationwide launch is on the 27th August.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at what the beauty bloggers are saying about they’re real! mascara in cyberspace.

they’re real! buzz

“This is a killer mascara in all the best ways possible.”


“I really like this mascara for lash length and definition.”

Beauty Junkie London

“There has been such a buzz about this mascara. People are desperate to get their hands on it and I finally got mine yesterday!”

“Congratulations Benefit, you have brought a fantastic beauty product in the world!”

I am Fabulicious

“Getting my hand on a tube was the highlight of my day. I’m surprised that I managed to hold off until I was in the bathroom that evening in the restaurant to apply it!”

The Glossy Guide

“As for whether they give your lashes the desired and hyped “they’re real?!” effect, it definitely comes up trumps. Length, volume and curl are all very apparent, even after one coat, and because this is the blackest-of-black formulas, lashes end up looking like falsies by the end of application.”


So many eyes staring at you as you make your choice…Hope to see you soon!

Benefit HQ xx

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  1. Laura Moreton says:

    this looks amazing, the before and aftershots have really impressed me. cannot wait to try this out as mascara is my number one essential!

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