Re-create the screen-siren look (with your new they're real! mascara)

With your new they’re real! mascara, you can re-create the screen siren look (above) on your own.

We invite Lisa Potter-Dixon (below at London Fashion Week), Benefit’s Head Make-up artist, to share with you the Bene-ingredients to take you from NOW to screen siren WOW.  Think Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, and the saucy Marilyn Monroe. Snag your own James Dean!


Ingredients to create the Femme Fatale look:

• b.right – triple performing facial emulsion/total moisture facial cream

• b.right – it’s potent

• the porefessional

• hello flawless

• boi-ing

• cha cha tint

• sugarbomb

• lipstick – flirt alert

• stay don’t stray

• magic ink

• high brow

• bad gal waterproof liner – black

• browzings



• Mix triple performing and porefessional and smooth all over to prep the

skin brush on selected shade of hello flawless with foundation brush.


• Apply cha cha tint to cheeks and lips, using a brush to blend to give a

flawless finish.

• Sweep the apricot colour from sugarbomb over the complexion, or swirl

all colours for more warmth.


• Use flirt alert on the lips, sealing with a pat of hello flawless for

long-lasting lip colour.

• Line boi-ing around the lips to define.


• Prep the eye with it’s potent.

• Smooth stay don’t stray around the eye and over the whole lid and

brow bone.

• Line upper lash line with magic ink. Rest hand on cheeks to steady your

hand. Work from inside to outer corner.

• Apply they’re real using the tip of the wand to flick out the corner lashes.

• Map the brow using browzings for a defined brow with high brow on the

brow bone.

That’s it!! Ladies, go on, and try it out yourself!

Benefit HQ xx


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