Our top 5 Bestival Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Diva's

For Bestival virgins, Bestival’s unique selling point is their dressing up competition. Each year the festival announces a theme and on the Saturday of the festival, visitors dress up according to the theme with an amazing prize for best costume, a lifetime ticket to Bestival!

With such an amazing prize on offer, it was no surprise to see festival-goers really take the competition seriously! This year the theme was Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Diva’s, and here are our favourite costume spots!

5. 80’s style Madonna

We saw a few of these, but this was our favourite, probably helped by the hula hooping!

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4. Marylin Monroe

In her very best ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ outfit – we love the pink naturally!

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3. Adam Ant

Obviouslly the best bit about this get up is the smoky eyes, but we love the commitment to the look with the white stripe across the face.

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2. Guns n Roses

These guys went for some major attention to detail, and who can resist a flashback to the 80’s?

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1. Dolly Parton

Absolutely our favourite customer of the weekend, Dolly was dressing up not just for the competition but also for her wedding! She was getting married at the inflatable Bestival church to a lovely Jimi Hendrix look alike. Here she is with Lisa, a member of the Glam Squad who created her make up look, in her full costume, she even had jewelled wellies! Congratulations Dolly and Jimi!

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