Debenhams Exclusive: Eye Gotta! & Eye Wanna! Kits from the Annie & Maggie Collection

The exclusive Eye Gotta! and Eye Wanna! kits are selling like hotcakes at your local Debenhams store. Here is a little background on these kits:

Eye Wanna! is for gals who have it all – and wanna shimmy all night long! Go ahead, get noticed and steal the scene!

Eye Gotta! is for gals who gotta look gorgeous all day… there are people to see, places to go & things to do. You’ll be ready for whatever comes your way!

Did you know…?

1. Both kits feature cover work by Barcelona-based artist Pietari Posti.

2. Eye Wanna! is from the Maggie Collection. Maggie Ford Danielson, the eldest daughter of Jean Ford and niece of Jane Ford, Benefit co-founders, recently tied the knot at a beautiful wedding ceremony in Maine.  Unlike the Duchesss of Cambridge, Maggie ducked out of doing her own make-up on her big day. (But, seriously, who would really do her own make-up on the big day?!)

3. Eye Gotta! is from the Annie Collection. Annie is Maggie’s younger sister. (She and Pippa would get along quite well) We like Annie because she speaks her mind!

Both kits are available for £28.50 at Debenhams.com, BenefitCosmetics.co.uk, and in all Benefit Boutiques.

Which gal are you? Take home a limited-edition kit that Maggie & Annie designed personally for their fans. How cool is that?!

Benefit xx



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