Welcome to our newly renovated office…from the view of Harvey, our office dog

It’s a girl’s dream-come-true! Our Visual Merchandising team recently renovated our office, adding new wallpaper, couches, display stands, and pipes! This is our lobby RIGHT.

WHAT’s the DIFFERENCE? This is our lobby LEFT. If you’re disoriented, we have a new lamp post with directions and a POODLE to help guide you to the latest and brightest Benefit product.   

Those digits have been calculated by our Finance team so they are Bene-accurate. Don’t forget to bring your 10-gallon posietint along on your swim to your next destination. Don’t think that paper poodle is just a tease. Harvey Marshall, our office dog, greets visitors with a silent bark, if he’s not too preoccupied modelling with our iconic tints. He hearts Benetint, Posietint, and Chachatint! If you’d like to book him for your next advertising campaign, he can be reached at OfficeDog@benefitcosmetics.com.  

Harvey’s office has special wallpaper. He walks in and contemplates his latest beauty dilemma and what trends are rocking on the caninewalk.

As you can see, he’s particularly fond of our new b.right radiance skincare range. He’s all about hydrating. His water bowl is always full because he knows that the key to good skincare is hydration.  We hope that you enjoyed the tour of our new Bene-office, located in Bene-Bene land, also known as Chelmsford, Essex.

Signing off,

Benefit HQ xx

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