It's 2012…Happy New Year! Welcome Hervana!

Happy Bene-New Year! If you have the January blues, you won’t have to wait too long to treat yourself to Hervana, our “good karma” face powder. Its the newbie that we’re welcoming to our Benefit team in 2012.

What is it? Hervana’s blissful swirl design includes 4 shades (lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose, and berry delight). When you swirl them together, the shades leave your cheeks with an orchid blossom blush and a soft satin finish.

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To help you enter into a blissful state of Hervana, check out our teaser video. This delightful heavenly box-o-powder arrives nationwide on Saturday, the 28th January 2012. It retails at £23.50.

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  1. rachel brown says:

    i must have this!! love ALL benefit face powders. currently using coralista so looking forward to a change for spring!! let me at it! xx

  2. Laura Roberts says:

    Love this – I got my Hervana in New York last week – its utter lushness :o)

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