Puppy dog love at first sight @Benefit HQ

Hey, life’s no fun if you can’t live vacriously through your pets.

Meet Harvey Marshall (right), our Benefit office dog. When we say he’s an office dog, we mean that he is the most well-behaved dog in the world. He rarely barks…until he set his eyes on Diva Dora (left).  

It’s ‘Take Me Out’ -pets version:

We set them up on a blind date last night. It was one wild night at Brick Lane. But will they stay together for long? Was it just a one-night fling? Or was it true love?

Jane Marshall, his former flame, describes Harvey:

“He has had many sniffs at romance but all unrequited doggy style love, I am afraid. He needs a real ‘woman’ in his life for licks and company!”

Stay tune to hear more of their love story unwind…xx

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