Hervana bliss achieved! 'Ladies-Only' Spa Evening at Haymarket Hotel was truly heavenly!!

Last Thursday, we hosted a truly heavenly ‘Ladies-only’ Hervana Spa Evening at the Haymarket Hotel in London. Together with ElleUK, we brought the vision of HER + NIRVANA to life.

It was truly an evening of blissful pampering complete with canapes, cocktails, pancakes, half-naked men in aprons, and make-uppers.

If you haven’t heard about Hervana, it is our “good karma” face powder that we have just launched. When you swirl the 4 complementary shades (lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose, berry delight) together, you are on your way to achieve an ultimate state of Hervana bliss.

And, yes, we did just put down, “half-naked men”, all courtesy of the Pink Butlers. Our Hervana evening was inspired by the Roman Spas, so it could not have been complete without Olli & Tom, who dressed up in their respective alter-egos. You can find above Lisa Potter-Dixon, our Head Make-up & Trend Artist (& Brow Expert) in terrible agony, when asked to pose with our models. ‘It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.’

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to tag yourself on our Facebook page. (Interestingly enough, no one feigned the ‘damsel in distress’ profile and landed themselves in the pool, with the hope that Ollie or Tom would rescue them.)

Ladies, we had such a fabulous time. Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope that you spread the ‘good karma’ news about Hervana to your friends! xx

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  1. Lisa -Marie says:

    I would have LOVED to attended this evening. How do I find out about future events.

    Also you have given me a great idea for a fundraiser. Cervical Cancer is exstreamley common and a young lady was not tested, although she went to the doctor several times,but was refused and died at 23 as a result. She asked her mother to start a trust fund so this would not happen to young woman and if they needed a private smear test as its not covered under 25 on the nhs they can go to Mercedes Curnow Foundation for the early detection of Cervical Cancer… they have a face book page with info on also. If I could talk to some one about having a benefit party a very classy one just like yours please email me . regards Lisa

  2. Really chuffed to have been invited. It was a lovely evening 🙂

  3. Louise x says:

    Where was my invite, hmm? Only joking (kind of). it looked absolutely blissful!!

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