The Luck of the Irish? Win Benefit Goodies in our St. Patrick’s Day Competition!

We’re having our own Paddy’s Day celebrations over at Benefit’s Irish facebook page and to celebrate, we’re giving away free make-uppers and goodies in three different Irish cities!

Here’s how it works:

On Thursday morning, 15th March, we’re going to name a city in Ireland. If we get 50 new fans by 4pm that day, we’ll give out the password: first one to the store with the password wins!

Then we’ll do the same on Friday and Saturday with different cities!

We’re giving away a free make-over at one of our Benefit counters, a bottle of gorgeous Crescent Row perfume, and an exclusive Benefit tee shirt!

Which one will you win?!

It’s up to you lovely folks to make sure the prize is won! Can you find fifty fabulous friends to like the Benefit Ireland Facebook page?

Make sure you share the page with all your friends, get them to like it and you could be the one to win!


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