Annie Ford Danielson: "Brows need to be personalised for your face & shape, and style!"

Brow Week exclusive: We are lucky to have Annie Ford Danielson, our Global Brand Authority to share with us why she hearts Benefit Brows and her thoughts on the importance of Brow Mapping.

Brow Mapping – By Annie

Brow mapping is so important to getting that perfect brow! I don’t know about you but for me my brows are like my hair, I don’t let just anyone cut and style my hair and I definitely don’t let that person just give me the same haircut as she gives everyone else. My point is that your brows need to be personalised for your face & shape, and style.

That is why we do brow mapping.

Brow mapping is a process that allows us to take your face and give you the perfect brow, that is uniquely yours!

See how we do it:

As women, we are constantly trying to define ourselves. Don’t let your brows be any different! To learn more about our brow mapping services, click here.

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