Brow Love: Think of your brows as the frame to a perfect picture!

Part II of Annie’s ‘brow-tastic’ posts! Annie Ford Danielson is our Global Brand Authority, and as part of Brow Love Week, she’ll be sharing with you tips & tricks about maintaing those ‘perfect’ brows.

Globe-trotting Annie gives us the inside scoop on brows:

As part of my job I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel around the world and I wanted to write something about brows around the globe.  But as I sat down to write I realised that while there are a lot of things that differ when it comes to women and their beauty routines around the world, brows isn’t really actually one of them.

Yes, there are definitely “trends” in terms of how brows are tackled……in Brazil, tweezing is popular, in Europe, waxing is king and in New York city, threading is all the rage, but no matter how you pick, tweeze, pluck, grab, snare or entrap your brow hairs, what I see in my travels is that globally, the majority of women are letting their brows grow full and sexy.  Of course you still see the occasional thin, tightly clipped set of brows, but in general from Taipei to Sao Paulo, Manila to Sydney and everywhere in between a manicured full brow is in!  And boy am I happy!!

There are a lot of things that can be trendy and that you can change easily to fit your mood or your personal style but ladies. brows shouldn’t be one of them.  If you were born with amazing full, luscious brows, keep them trimmed and the strays at bay but please don’t squeeze them to within an inch of their lives .  And if you were born with thinner brows, give them a little TLC and some brow zings and they will do wonders for you.

Basically, your brows should complement your face (see above) and the best way to let them do that is to more or less shake what your mamma gave you!!! (with a little grooming help from Benefit of course)

Until next time…xx

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