Cleanse your Cosmetic Soul with Beauty Confessions and Win €100 Worth of Benefit Product!

Benefit loves Sam McCauley Chemists, who look after their customers inside and out! Now we’re partnering up to prescribe you a cure for your make-up malfunctions.

If you want to win €100 worth of Benefit product AND cleanse your cosmetic soul then simply enter your email address below and head to the SamMcCauley facebook page and tell us your beauty confession!

Leave your confession on facebook and enter your email below!

We want to know all about the bright blue eyeshadow or the orange face/white neck combination. If you have a cosmetic confession, we want to hear it!

Remember you have to leave a beauty confession on the SamMcCauley facebook, then enter your email below!

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Good Luck!

*Open from Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May 2012. Open to residents of  N.I. and ROI. only. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email Friday 4th May 2012.

8 Responses to “Cleanse your Cosmetic Soul with Beauty Confessions and Win €100 Worth of Benefit Product!”

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  1. Sandra Cleary says:

    Myself and my best friend had a competition at the age of 18 to see who could wear the most eyeshadow on a night out – She lost the bet with just 6 where I had won wearing a grand total of 10.
    Needless to say I did draw a number of comments on how I looked like a Parrot with the very colourful eye I sported that night out.

  2. Diana says:

    Benefit has got to be the best value product, especially the erase paste.a little goes a long way..brilliant.

  3. Lorna Dunne says:

    Confession: One night i went out, I wore bright blue eye shadow and bright pink lipstick, oh yeah and also white pale makeup!! I looked like a clown!!

    I would love the 100 euro worth of beauty products, I think I deserve it, two months ago I had a miscarrige it was a though time, was really devastated!! This 100 euro package would really make me up.

  4. Caroline Phelan says:

    ‎Benefit Cosmetics Ireland, it has to be when i was younger – thought i was gorgeous sporting long black curls with very pale foundation, powder and a lot of the time, blue eye shadow!!! – no fear of being too orange back then, I looked more like Marilyn Manson lol…needless to say its a look i wont be going for again 🙂

    My post on Sam McCauley chemists facebok page!!

  5. louise joy says:

    instead of using a lighter tone on my eyes i put on blue and then the dark blue on top haha,and my make up was pure light aswell,so i need,nt tell u i looked like a blue bulb for the day haha

  6. Judy Newman says:

    I just adore Benefit Cosmetics – I do not normally where make up – But I make an exception for Benefit and I have to say I’m only ever happy with my skin while wearing Benefit Cosmetics!

  7. Eimear Kirby says:

    Fab competition

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