They're Real! Honest Leah Look-a-like photo competition

She’s like fine red wine…full-bodied & complex with a big finish. She loves beauty–inside & out–and she always know when to fake it & when to keep it real. She’s Honest Leah, our they’re real! lady. Leah says, “How do I make my secret beauty weapons grow bigger, thicker, longer? With a magic wand, of course! And yes, her secret weapon is #theyrereal.

In honour of our one & only Leah, we’ve launched an Honest Leah look-a-like competition on our ‘Benefit Cosmetics UK’ Facebook page. We all luv look-a-like competitions! And, don’t we all wish we could be as sassy as Leah, AND best of all, get away with it?!

All you have to do is submit a photo! We didn’t have to look too far to find our token office Leah. In fact, they even share the first letter in their name. Our stunning Brand Analyst Leanne is our featured Honest Leah! Click here to learn more & to enter.

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