Getting fighting fit for Mascarathon!

Here at Benefit, we’re never afraid to stretch ourselves. This applies to our very intense exercising regime that we’ve all committed to, as we all prepare for the one & only Benefit & Refuge MASCARATHON!!

Caroline Flack Benefit Mascarathon

Check out these suggested workouts:
• The ‘3-minutes of exercise/week’ workout
If you think running should be outlawed, you’ll be pleased to hear that fitness doesn’t always have to cumbersome. This weekly 3-minute craze has hit Twitter & every other social media circuit. Apparently, it’s not about the quantity of your exercise regime, but the quality of your exercise regime. All you need are few relatively short bursts of intense exercise, amounting to only a few minutes a week, that could make significant and measurable changes to your health.
Welcome to the world of High Intensity Training (HIT). Just get on an exercise bike, warm up first, and then go full throttle for 20 seconds with breaks in-between.
It’s a great workout for those who prefer sprinting to jogging. Of course, this doesn’t mean that those three *very intense* minutes won’t be sweat-free.
• The ‘no pain, no gain’ workout
Some of us are still quite ‘old-school’ in our approach. We remember what our parents warned us at an early age: “Hey, there’s ‘no pain’ if there’s ‘no gain’. In other words, you will need to be disciplined and exercise at least 3 times a week. We recommend changing it up a bit, by varying your activities, from running to rowing to kickboxing to swimming. We recommend combining a 30-minute cardio workout with a 30-minute body conditioning exercise.
Remember to always warm up and cool down after your workout. (It’s just as important as removing your make-up before you go to bed.)
Remember, we’re experts in make-up, not workouts, so please consult a doctor if you intend to pick up a new exercising routine. What’s your preferred exercising routine??
Benefit xx

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