BAFTA House hosts UK Glamouriety Premiere-Co-founders Jean and Jane cross the pond in style!!

On Monday, we hosted the UK premiere of ‘Glamouriety’, a very special film celebrating the incredible history of Benefit starring the one and only Jean and Jane Ford, co-founders of Benefit. The vivacious twins arrived on the pink carpet with their very dashing male entourage (easy mate with the paws, Nick!) minus one striking male escort in THE white suit…

The VIP guests in attendance, dressed in black tie, consisting of press, bloggers, retailer partners, and the Benefit team were treated to a serenade and a special dance from Jean and Jane before the UK debut of Glamouriety. We were so excited to see them in-person…OMG!! it’s the founders!!!

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Captured on film, the Benefit film consists of a cross-dresser, stripper, gospel singer…and a real-life Dr. Feelgood! Check out the ‘Behind-the-Scene’ trailer. Stay tuned for more video clips…

We pulled out all the stops and invited only the A-listers. Will & Kate arrived early but Kate had forgotten her trademark clutch bag. David Beckham arrived with no Posh, because she was with baby Harper Seven. No Vanessa Paradis now that her split from Johnny Depp has leaked to the press. Our Managing Directors Ian and Gail certainly picked out their favourites to cling on to…Ian even wore his posh scraf. Although Gail had secretly hoped for Jude Law, she was satisfied with Brad

Showgirls greeted all the guests as they arrived and the Vegas-style performers hit the dance floor following the film’s premiere.

The Pocket Belles performed their own serenade to the twins…

Rita, Ben, Lisa, Rachel and the famous Northern team welcomed the twins and will forever treasure this photo!!

OMG!! Is that our own Jess, from the famous ‘The Ultimate Lash Crime’ video??

The party didn’t stop there. Our glamorous cross-dressing host (who wore Benefit make-up, of course!) gave an introducion that was only befitting for Benefit royalty…


The film consisted of a cross-dresser, stripper, gospel singers, and more! Stay tuned for the official launch of ‘Glamouriety’!

The magical evening was organised by the AMAZING UK PR Team, led by the stunning Jazz. A very special thank you to Mansi and Chloe, whose artistic touch added glamour to every element of the evening.

Ooo, it’s the men of Benefit! Do you spot the man in the white suit? (Shh, she’s Jean and Jane’s favourite!)

As you can see, the evening started off alright…were you in the circle of Benefit love?

The Finance team started the cancan dance…special props to James who sang the loudest…

Thank you all for joining us and supporting ‘Glamouriety’ and for welcoming the fabulous Jean and Jane to the UK!! They are off to continue their global film tour…safe travels!!

Benefit xx


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