MASCARATHON – only 2 stops left in OXFORD

We’re in Oxford!

A little bit of history…


Oxford is one of England’s oldest cities, dating back as far as 900 AD. Surviving Norman and Saxon invasion, the city became known for its education services, with the first records of the University of Oxford dating back as far as the 12th Century and today the University is the oldest in the English speaking language.
As the city moved into the 20th century, population soared and Oxford’s main industry became publishing, with many scholars from the university moving into this industry. Today Oxford and Cambridge still fight it out to be the number 1 university year after year.

Where and when…


Mother and Daughter team and longtime Refuge supporters Sheryl and Bianca Gascoigne are running our Oxford leg, starting at 5.30pm from Debenhams Oxford! They'd love your support so come on down and join in the fundraising with your spare change. Our Debenhams Oxford Beauty Bar are getting involved too with a ‘Brow-a-thon’ and we also have mini They’re Real Mascaras to give away with a minimum donation of £2 to Refuge!

Top 5 things to do in Oxford…


5.Christ Church College

Often touted as one of Oxford’s stellar attractions, you will quickly appreciate why this location was chosen for the filming of the Harry Potter movies. It is a combination of venues – educational, historic, and religious – and is sure to delight all types of tourists.

4.Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

Founded originally as part Oxford University’s campus in 1683, it is one of the world’s oldest museums. The establishment contains a wide array of Greek and Roman sculptures such as the Apollo from Olympia, the Parthenon frieze, and the Prima Porta Augustus.

3.The Botanic Gardens

The oldest gardens of their type in all of Britain, these were founded expressly for studying medicinal plants back in 1621. There are a variety of greenhouses that you can tour as well as some spectacular views of the river.

Enjoy the delights at Oxford, savor the hospitality and bring home beautiful memories!

2.The Cowley Road

The Cowley Road is home to vegetarian and organic cafes, live music venues, food markets, independent bookshops, Buddhist temples, pubs, junk shops, foreign restaurants … you get the gist! It’s probably best to wonder around and discover things for yourself although The Bullingdon Arms, the O2 Academy and Cafe Coco’s are worthy of specific attention

1. Blackwell’s Bookshop

Founded in 1879, this massive bookshop has five floors packed with every kind of book you can imagine, with the multi‐level Norrington Room in the basement and its infamous three miles of shelving. This is something that’s guaranteed to take you aback.

Where to find you nearest Benefit Beauty Bar…

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Debenhams Oxford

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Next stop…. London (and the finish line!)

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