Celebrity Stars Proud to Wave our Mascarathon Wand!!

We were thrilled to have TV presenter Caroline Flack as our Mascarathon ambassador. She shared with us (and her 830,769 Twitter followers) why she chose to be part of the Mascarathon, “With one in every four women experiencing domestic violence at some point in her life, I hope the Mascarathon highlights this terrible statistic and in turn raises much needed funds for Refuge.” Despite the rain, Caroline kicked-off the Mascarathon festivities in Edinburgh in full force on Friday, 15th July! Only 566 miles to go…

Two days later, TV personality Donna Air led the way and ran with our giant mascara wand in her hometown of Newcastle. It is home to the UK’s largest remaining independent cinema, which was built in 1937. Back to the running…

Hollyoaks and Dancing on Ice star Jorgie Porter was the star bounded in to Manchester and ran two miles signifying the two women a week who die as a result of domestic violence.  Love her pose with our custom-designed they’re real mascara wand!

Woo-hoo, Jorgie and her glam squad Kyra and Lisa stole the spotlight!

Local girl Alison Hammond led the way Birmingham, our half-way mark. She charmed everyone around her to donate and even exclaimed it was one of the best days of her life!

Following her LIVE Q&A on Twitter (which attracted some very interesting questions!?) TV presenter and all round action girl Zoe Salmon took the wand on a 2 mile run passing the iconic Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

The people of Oxford were lucky enough to have the dynamic mother-and-daughter duo and longtime Refuge supporters Sheryl & Bianca Gascoigne leading the way.

And finally….15 days and 568 miles later… the beautiful Lauren Laverne crossed the finish line and celebrated with us at the grand finale in London Spitalfields.  Together, our stunning celebrity supporters, along with all of you, helped us raise over £70,000 for Refuge for women and children against domestic violence. We’re still accepting donations so please continue giving by clicking here.

LOTS of Bene-luv!

Benefit HQ xx

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  1. 7dayfun says:

    Terrific! Been looking for this info , thanks for posting, HCG.

  2. Sara says:


    This looks like such an amazing event, I wish I had taken part, it looks like so many people did.
    I would like to ask benefit, did you have any runners that inspired you and made you determined to carry on?
    Great work x

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