They're Real Anniversary Set 'Early Bird' Special: Get it early!


Happy 1st Birthday to they’re real! This ‘beyond belief’ mascara has earned itself a GOLD by taking the world by storm! It’s the UK’s Best-Selling Mascara. To celebrate, we are inviting fans to pick up a limited-edition they’re real Anniversary set. This includes a full-size mascara and a FREE travel size they’re real. The set (worth £27) will be sold for only £18.50. In other words, for the price of a full-size they’re real! you’ll also have a FREE travel size one too!

Lucky Benefit counters will have the they’re real! Anniversary set 2 weeks before nationwide launch, so pick yours up FROM this Saturday 4th August (nationwide launch on the 18th August).

The selected stores are:

Debenhams Swansea
Debenhams Brighton
House of Fraser Glasgow
John Lewis Oxford Street London
Benefit Boutique in Spitalfields Market London
Benefit Boutique in Covent Garden London
Boots Nottingham
Boots Manchester
Debenhams Manchester
Debenhams Belfast
Debenhams Chelmsford
Debenhams Mahon Point Cork
Debenhams Henry Street Dublin

Are they faux real? Join us at the Benefit Beauty Bar to check out the UK’s No.1 best-selling premium mascara for lashes beyond belief. They’re real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out and includes a specially designed brush to reveal lashes you never knew you had!

they’re real…honest!

Pick one up before everyone else!!Note it in your diaries: 4th August is ‘Early Bird’ launch in selected stores, and nationwide launch is two weeks later on the 18th August.

Benefit HQ xx


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  1. christine shepherdson says:

    Hi i was wondering if i could order the set online as none of the stores shown are near where i live as i live in Grimsby which is a long way from where they are.

    Thank you.

    • benefit gals says:

      Hi Christine, the Early Bird Special won’t apply to online orders, but not to worry, all counters & online will be selling the They’re Real Anniversary set on 18th August!! xx

  2. Fleur De Lis says:

    This is seriously the best mascara I have ever used! I am blessed to have long eyelashes anyway but nothing has ever made them look so good. If this product stays the same then you have a customer for life!

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