Featured Daily Mail: Jean & Jane's 'Six Essential Beauty Tricks'

Who better to consult for beauty advice than the original Benefit gals? Jean & Jane Ford, co-founders of Benefit, share with Elsa McAlonan at Daily Mail, their top ‘Six Essential Beauty Tricks’, featuring our top products. Get 10% off the ‘Jean & Jane Beauty Tips & Tricks’ collection by entering code, ‘TRICKS’ at our online shop.

1. Lashes care:
Jean & Jane say:

  • Apply They’re Real mascara before any other eye make-up.
  • To really fill out thinning lashes, lift your eyelid right up as you brush your mascara on. First holding the brush horizontally, comb through your eyelashes. Then use the tip of the brush to work the product from the base of your lashes and extend to the ends.
  • Did you know? They’re Real mascara is the world’s best-selling premium mascara, with one tube sold every six seconds.

Daily Mail says:

  • “When They’re Real is on, it looks like false lashes -only better!”

 2. Go away crow’s feet:

Jean & Jane say:

  • “After applying foundation, draw a big dot with eye bright, our brightening pencil at the outer corner of your eye. Use your fingers to gently blend it up towards the end of your brow, as this eliminates the downward drag of crow’s feet.”
  • “A pencil is better than a liquid concealer.” Our eye bright pencil is fab as it has a flattering pink tone.

3. Get an instant brow lift:

Jean & Jane say:

  • “Using brow zings, our brow wax, draw a line under the arch of the brow. Next, fill in the gaps with the brow powder. Stub the product in rather than paint it on.

Daily Mail says:

  • “As we ago, we lose colour and definition in our brows, so a product that both shapes & shades them is a good idea.”

4. To brighten eyes:

  • “A yellow-based concealer is best for camouflaging dark circles. Our Lemon Aid is a pale yellow, colour-correcting eyelid primer which helps to hide redness on your eyelids, but is also excellent for covering dark circles. It can be worn under or over make-up.

5. To ease smile lines:

Jean & Jane say:

  • “After applying foundation, use high brow and draw 3 lines like cats whiskers. Blend well. As mad as this sounds, it works!”

6. Your perfect lip colour:

Jean & Jane say:

  • “This sounds crazy, compare your lipstick (we recommend our full-finish lipstick) to the colour of the flesh on the inside of your cheek. Your lipstick should be two shades darker.”

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Don’t forget: Get 10% off the ‘Jean & Jane Beauty Tips & Tricks’ collection by entering code, ‘TRICKS’ at our online shop.

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