Funny Fannies are Go: Kathering Lynch Teams Up with Benefit Cosmetics Ireland

In the spirit of all things LOL, Benefit Cosmetics Ireland is rolling out ‘Funny Fannies,’ our newest campaign that encourages customers to get their giggle on!

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As part of Funny Fannies we have teamed up with leading comedian Katherine Lynch to produce a series of videos that showcase Katherine’s peculiar personas using some of Benefit’s most-loved products.

Think of it as a guide to how not to apply Benefit make-up. Hilarious, and a little bit shocking, these videos are Benefit’s way of showing that make-up is fun and not to be taken too seriously.

On the collaboration Katherine says:

‘I’m so fricken’ excited to be working with the uber fabulous makeup legend that is Benefit Cosmetics. As a comedy

actress I spend most of my day playing a host of larger than life characters so in my downtown I like to glamour up and it’s Benefit products all the way! The brand is fun, cheeky and a little bit naughty (sounds like me!) and I love, love, love the kitcsh and quirky packaging. I genuinely love using benefit and of course it’s one of my staple gift ideas. Why? Cause it’s great, I’m lazy and after all you do my wrapping for me!

Katherine’s RTE2 shows Working Girls, Wonderwomen and Single Ladies have been hugely successful, with one episode of Single Ladies taking in 31% audience share. It seems everyone recognises a little bit of someone they know in each of her characters (although they probably wouldn’t admit it!) Just as Katherine has a persona for everyone, Benefit guarantee a product for everyone from trendy teens to gorgeous grannies.

Julie Strang, Country Manager for Benefit Ireland, explains the collaboration:

‘We are delighted someone as well loved and followed in Ireland has chosen to collaborate with Benefit on bringing our brand awareness to potential new audiences.  Katherine’s unique Irish humour resonates with all women who don’t take themselves too seriously, after all Benefit was built on the premise that laughter is the best cosmetics, so grin and wear it!’

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    Love it! Lol

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