60 seconds with Forever Crazy!

Step forward the lovely Mina Velour!

Following the spectacular premier on London’s South-bank we welcomed the opportunity  to capture a spare moment with one of the iconic dancers Mina Velour! Small in frame and having the identical measurements as the 10 of her counterparts, we were ready to quiz her on her top notch dance knowledge, make-up & everything in between.

Do you listen to certain music to hype you up before you perform?

“Pop, today’s hits”

What food do you treat yourself to after a performance?

“Pasta for energy” 

How would you sum up your experience at Forever crazy?

“Lots of experiences in different countries.”

How long have you been a dancer?

“1yr with CH but dancing since 4yrs old.”

Tell us some backstage goss from Forever Crazy…

“During one performance one of my heels broke. I had to finish show in shoes 3 sizes too small!”

What are your beauty must haves?

“Hair brush, red lipstick & perfume Hanae Mori”

What would be your 3 desert island items?

“I Phone, Chocolate & a man”

What do you do to keep on top form for the show?

“Ballet Class”

Who would be in your dream dance squad?

“Michael Jackson”

For more information on the fabulous Forever Crazy & for Tickets are available HERE 

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