Welcome to Plymouth Boutique

The Benefit Plymouth Boutique is now open and as the customers flooded the doors on Wednesday 24th October the spectacular vision of all things Benefit (that had been in the pipeline for so long) was finally born. The boutique is 612 square feet overall and houses a spray tan and body waxing room; each perfectly formed to the highest Benefit standards.

The Boutique hosts an array of fine flourishes, from Benefit bespoke floral wallpaper, white wainscot panels around the walls, soft pink milled acrylic counter clads and the hanging Benefit ‘bus-stop’ sign. All of these delicate touches really do immerse the customer into the world of Benefit and create an overwhelming feeling that this is more than just a Benefit boutique, it’s a unique cosmetic experience.

One truly dynamic feature that could not go without mention is the Benefit hall of fame, unique to Plymouth Boutique, it highlights the best of Benefit it all its shinning glory.

The opening day emulated the beauty of the boutique and was the perfect Benefit cocktail of fun, laughter and make-up.Wednesday 24th October started with many a make-upper, our Plymouth Benebabes treating customers to the perfect Benefit Experience!

As the day went on excitement was in the air and the Plymouth benebabes were there to help with any cosmetic conundrum: highlighting, concealing and enhancing natural beauties.  Not only were people being treated to the very best Benefit experience, there were goody bags, chocolate treats and special fortune cookies for every customer providing them with their very own Benefit words of wisdom for the future.

The day was a hive of activity with back to back bookings for Brow arches and tints provided by our wonderful therapists. Trained in all areas of body waxing, brow waxing and spray tans, the team really put the four brow stations, spray tan room and body waxing room to fabulous use!

The team had a wonderful day and we had amazing compliments from Debenhams customers and staff alike. We have high hopes for this unique and special boutique, special, for not only its design but also it amazingly warm team who will continue to provide the best Benefit experience possible.

To find out more information and to book at this fabulous boutique please call: 01752 275 040

Until next,

Glam squad


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