Spy Gal Treasure Hunt

Mission POREfessional

On Thursday 15th November at 6:30pm the POREfessional mission was accepted by six brave teams all helped by the one they call, Gal …Spy…Gal. The crowds gathered as the teams were prepped and primed for their missions! After the POREfessional was applied and the beauty guidelines were in place, the mission was on.

The first task on their mission was to the find the ‘VIP bar’ a mini Benefit counter in a supreme location in House of Fraser! After perfecting their lashes and strutting their most glamorous pose the teams were ready for their next mission!

After running up and down escalators, circling clothes concessions and barraging beauty counters the teams found the Christmas shop, a festive wonderland hidden away in corner of the House of Fraser Glasgow.  The mission: Find Spy Gal the most useful festive accessory.

Once Spy Gal was satisfied with her gifts (and now worthy of the POREfessional crown) the teams moved on to the Mary Portas room for the next stage in their mission and in true MARVEL style the teams expressed their creativity and dressed to impress.

Dressed head to toe as seductive spy gals the teams infiltrated the jewellery room and the personal shopping suite to pick out the perfect dazzling diamonds to fit any premium primer and top spy. However, not before stopping the most handsome man in store to don the iconic POREfessional scarf!

The mission was complete after working hard to achieve the impossible (a homage to their icon the great POREfessional.) The teams sat back and indulged in a drink fitting for any private eye. The POREfessional Cocktail. A Brief deliberation took place, with decisions made the prizes were handed out! All teams being gallant winners and bringing Spy Gal to victory!

Fans and friends loved the mission POREfessional! Spy Gal brought to life in true Benefit Style. A great event, wonderful Benefit fans and a fantastic team what more could you want.


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