Dial Fine-one-one

Ladies, meet fine-one-one, our newest all-in-one cheek and lip colour! It’s pure magic. The only makeup technique required: knowing how to blend.

someone call fine-one-one!

Simple swipe the three shades onto cheeks (keeping the lightest highlighter at the top and blend).

someone call fine-one-one!

The trio of shades pink champagne, sheer watermelon, & soft coral blend together for a stunning shade of sheer coral.

pink champagne, sheer watermelon, & soft coral

swipe and blend

here it is again on another skin tone…the “swipe & blend”


after fine one one

fine-one-one hero

I’ve come to love this product so much, that I keep it in my purse and apply it in the lift as I’m leaving work. The product component is reflective, so it can double as a mirror!  The cream-to-powder finish ensures that it blends in nicely over both foundation and powder.

Check out Lisa Potter-Dixon  rockin’ fine-one-one, One that definitely has the lift, shape and pop…fineoneone


Fine-one-one is available nationwide and at

Until next time,

Glam squad





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  1. Neha says:

    Thank you for showing it on another skin tone. Helps a tons in making decision being a women of Colour. My friend is visiting Paris, So i Think I will ask her to pick up Sephora there ! Cheers !

  2. michelle scott says:

    i love benefits products and its the only counter that i buy my products from…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. michelle scott says:

    I am a great lover off all benefits make-up its the only counter a go to when i need any product. love, love love.

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