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The Benefit University Tour supporting Women’s Aid ended a month ago, but the money raised during the week long tour of Irish Universities will still be making a difference for months to come.

PIC PAUL SHARP/SHARPPIXMargaret Martin the Director of Women’s Aid Ireland sent us this lovely Thank You,


“Domestic violence is a tough issue to work on.  What keeps us motivated in Women’s Aid is knowing that we make a difference to the women who use our services.  So often a call to our Helpline is a lifeline to a woman who doesn’t know where to turn or what to do. 

The Benefit University tour has made a really big difference to women in a number of ways:

It costs €75 euro per day to provide Freephone calls on our Helpline.  In the first two days of the tour alone, Benefit have raisedPIC PAUL SHARP/SHARPPIX almost enough to cover 3 weeks of calls; with an average of 30 calls per day that will cover calls from over 500 women.

As important as the fundraising for us was the wonderful opportunity Benefit provided for us to connect directly to young women in a new and exciting way – on campus, face to face and to raise an issue that is so often hidden and ignored.

It’s a great partnership for us and I would like to thank all of Benefit’s staff – this kind of support and solidarity makes a big difference so thank you very much for your time, your enthusiasm and your expertise.  We really appreciate it.”

Margaret Martin

Director, Women’s Aid

We would like to thank everyone that came along and supported the University Tour, gave donations, sponsored food, or just offered their help!

Love & Lipstick

The Benefit Ireland Team


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