Virgin London Marathon 2013: Beth’s Story



With only 9 minutes to spare on Saturday evening I made it to Excel to pick up my race number! Adding to my pre race nerves! But I got my timing chip and kit bag… So off I went back to the hotel to prepare and of course CARB UP! A runners excuse to eat loads of pasta and bread. Bag packed, kit out and alarm set, I then proceeded to lay awake till midnight. All of the refined sugar had kicked in from my carb load! #error! I went to sleep praying when I woke my ankle would be better! 6.00am call… Nope ankle the same! Dressed and almost ready to go but every gal needs… Triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15, bad gal waterproof liner and mascara and cha cha tint on lips and cheeks! Arriving at Greenwich I was swept along with the masses – good job really as my sense of direction is rubbish! Good job the next 26.2 miles was signposted right?

I met the Benefit cheering squad and they made me laugh and pose before it was time to cross over to the dark side (the running pen)!


Kit bag dropped, toilet (for the 30th time) and ipod set! I headed to the start! 30 seconds silence gave us all time to reflect the Boston bombings and gave real clarity that it didn’t matter how much my ankle hurt, at least I COULD run! So when I crossed the start, I set off knowing I wouldn’t give in unless I couldn’t walk!

It wasn’t until mile 13 I started to realise the enormity of what lay before me. So I had to play a few games to pass the time:-

– how many pairs of asics nimbus could I spot (the same trainers I was wearing) 14

– how many cartoon characters could I spot. Wonder woman, scooby doo, where’s wally, Mr Men

– how many good looking men could I spot in the crowds… Hmm lost count with that one!



At Mile 22 my ankle started to hurt and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to the end. Then like little pink benefit angels, the cheering squad were there at mile 23 whooping and a hollering. This gave me a renewed burst of motivation and I carried on.


So mile 25 was my next big point, its seeing big ben you start to realise that the journey you set out on 4.20 mins ago is coming to an end. Having seen the pictures of loved ones people had lost on the backs of running vest, to all of the tears, blood sweat and smiles I started to  realise that what every runner had achieved was amazing!

Running up the mall, my ankle had given up, my legs were like lead but I didn’t care, I knew that running this race had allowed me to help women and children who suffer from domestic violence… And for that alone it was worth it! There was something quite isolating about running alone this year but also good for the soul. Giving me time to realise how grateful I am to be able to go and run whenever I want… To  have a team of amazing people I work with and what a great charity Refuge are.

hobbling over the finish line and getting my medal, beating my last years time by 19 mins was a great feeling but none as great as knowing that with the money I have raised for Refuge will save the lives of many women and children. Thanks to everyone who has supported this journey. Now time to eat chocolate and drink some wine…





Signing off till next year

B x

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